Reports & Expert Testimony

Reports & Expert Testimony


One of the more prevalent and serious plumbing problems in South Florida today is the failing of cast iron drain pipes. With thousands of camera inspections under our belts and hundreds of homes re-plumbed, we know this problem more intimately than most and produce very detailed and thorough reports that explain what’s going on.

Did a previous plumber provide inadequate or incomplete services? Did it cause property damage? Arko has inspected such jobs and generated reports on what was done incorrectly or what should have been done differently.

Call us to check it out or even to just pick our brains for a few minutes. If desired, we can provide reports and documentation to assist in your dispute.

Expert Testimony

Arko Plumbing owner and president, Edward “Joe” Jaremko, has been used as an expert plumber in numerous lawsuits and insurance claims. His experience and knowledge in plumbing spans over three decades. If you need a plumber who knows their stuff, then Joe is your man. Don’t hesitate to call and see for yourself!

Need a plumber in the know? Look no further than Arko Joe!