Sewer Camera Inspections

Are you suffering from drainage stoppages or backups? Bubbling toilets, tubs, showers or sinks? Foul sewage odors? Roach or sewer fly infestations? Tented, popped or loose floor tiles?

These are all signs that your sanitary drainage system has a fundamental problem or may even be failing. This is especially true if you have cast iron pipes that are over 40 years old. Call Arko Plumbing to inspect the condition of your drain pipes, diagnose what problems there are, and determine what the best option is moving forward.

As the name suggests, this is a camera that is inserted into the drain pipes that allows us to see what’s going on. With the use of a tracker, it is also used to locate the exact locations of the pipes under your home, business or yard. It can also be used to locate vent stacks and septic tanks and to measure the depth of underground pipes. We use the most advanced equipment to produce the best results and the clearest videos and pictures.